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Air Conditioning Brands. Kempton Park, East Rand, Johannesburg and Gauteng.

Patron Electrical Air conditioning suppliers of all leading Air Conditioning brands and can offer a varied range of Air Conditioning systems to correctly suit the Installation environment. We supply, install, maintain amongst others Samsung Air Conditioning, LG Air Conditioning, Panasonic Air Conditioning, Ecoaire Air Conditioning, Daikin Air Conditioning, York Air Conditioning and Luxaire Air Conditioning.  We are based on the East Rand of Johannesburg.

Air conditioning is no longer limited to the rich, prices have dropped, and more and more people are now installing air conditioners both in the work environment and home.   We have noticed a decided positive growth in especially the private sector.  Weather changes and rising temperatures are encouraging more people to invest in air conditioners. as they seek the cool interiors to escape the discomfort of the heat.  Air conditioners are no longer a luxury, they have become a necessity.

We pride ourselves in a high standard of workmanship, using the best quality air conditioners available.  Air conditioners provide us with many benefits in comfort and relaxation.  It is a proven fact that people who are uncomfortable in their work environment due to excessive heat or cold, are far less productive than people who have a regulated temperature to work in. 

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We care about the environment

Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant


If you are doing research to purchase an air conditioner or a central heat-pump for yourself, you may have come across the word “r410a refrigerant” or “R410-A” or “R22”. What do these mean?

in simple words...

Inverter air conditioning R410A gas is more expensive than non inverter air conditioning R22 Gas but with the current spiralling energy costs, is it worth the extra rands.

Let's see what are the benefits of an inverter air conditioning compared with a non inverter air conditioning:-

  • At least 30% - 50% cheaper to run as it consumes less power
  • Far quicker to achieve desired temperature
  • The start up time is reduced by 30%
  • Much quieter
  • No temperature fluctuations, maximising comfort level
  • No voltage peaks from compressor
  • All inverter air conditioning are heat pumps which in itself is one of the most energy efficient form of heating


This gas is used as an alternative to the environmentally unfriendly R22 gas, which used to be the industry standard. The Montreal Protocol 1995 ruled the refrigerant R22 as an unsafe gas that posed a serious threat to the integrity of the Earth’s ozone layer.