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Samsung Air Conditioning - The only way to Breath Easy
Samsung Cooling
Samsung's wall mounted split system, with its stylish shadow mirror design, is all about creating a comfortable environment. With its inverter driven heat pump operation, it delivers an industry leading energy efficiency set up. It also employs a unique MPI air cleaning system to ensure a clean and fresh environment in every corner of the room. Enjoy the extra comfort.


he Samsung Max AC boasts of Full HD Filter that is capable of removing up to 60 per cent of dust particles for effective air purification. It comes with a Happy Hour option, using which it operates at maximum speed at first to cool down, then maintains the temperature and finally slows down to save power. The auto restart option turns the air conditioner on automatically after a power failure with the previously used settings.

Body & Design
This attractive and compact air conditioner comes with UTR Plus compressor which has been designed using high torque motor, highly reliable mechanical parts and low noise parts to facilitate a noiseless yet effective performance. This air conditioner has anti-bacterial coating on the filter. There is a digital temperature display, which lets users set desired temperature conveniently. The automatic Up/Down air direction control of this air conditioner ensures uniform air flow for even cooling.

Functions & Features
The Samsung Max air conditioner comes with a Biosleep function, which saves up to 36 per cent of electricity compared to its use in the normal cooling mode. The dehumidification option of this air conditioner adjusts the moisture level in the room to enhance the cooling performance. It comes with an auto restart function, which turns on the air conditioner after a power failure with the previously used setting. Some other features of this air conditioner are smart saver, turbo mode, fan mode and 24-hour timer.

* Model dependent