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Our Services encompass but are not limited to the following:


         Electrical services      Air Conditioning Services. Heating and Cooling
Commercial and Industrial installation   We supply and Install all leading Brands
Domestic installation   We offer full service contracts, 3mnth, 6mnth and 12 month
Flame Proof Installation   New Installations
Maintenance Domestic and Industrial   Air Conditioning maintenance
Instrumentation   Fault finding
Compliance Certificates   Sales
Panel Building    


Maintaining your air conditioning system is very essential to maintain its quality and ensure long life.

We provide:

Air conditioning service

In order to keeps your air conditioning system working efficiently and quietly, filters need to be regularly cleaned and replaced every few years. Commercial and Domestic customers can take advantage of our maintenance contracts which include inspection, cleaning and replacing where necessary.

Core Product Offered

We specialize in the following:

  • Split Systems.
  • Packaged units.
  • Mid-Wall.
  • Window wall.
  • Console Units.

Benefits of Air Conditioning

Heating - Heat pump air conditioning is an energy efficient means of heating an area. The heat pump air conditioner will maintain a constant temperature regardless of the outside conditions. Provided with a temperature controller the temperature is easily modified and controlled

Cooling - Increased productivity, improved comfort and better general feeling of wellbeing are some of the benefits of maintaining a comfortable temperature during hot summer months.

Cleansing - Modern air conditioners may be provided with advanced air filtration. This results in cleaner air and the removal of smells, and allergens that may produce allergic reactions.

Dehumidifying - When in Cooling mode the air conditioned space is dehumidified. Water content is removed from the air making it easier for the human body’s own cooling system to operate effectively. The result is a more comfortable environment and a better feeling of wellbeing.

The reduced water content in the ambient air also discourages the growth of moulds and the presence of dust mites.